About me

Over more than a decade in academia, I have accumulated valuable technical and methodological expertise that bridges the gap between scientific research and computational infrastructure. I am intimately familiar with the processes, workflows, capabilities, and tendencies of researchers from undergraduates to principal investigators, and I work to fill a critical need within the research university: a scientific computing professional dedicated to the long-term success of both the research endeavors and the researchers themselves.

My efforts in support of scientific computing within the research university have evolved over time to fall into four categories: (1) informal scientific computing consulting; (2) hands-on computational infrastructure support; (3) long-term leadership and management of the design, construction, deployment, and support of scientific computing tools; and (4) scientific computing technology concepts and skills training.

The feedback I receive from domain scientists and engineers indicate that my efforts in supporting their scientific computing needs enhance their research capabilities on a daily basis. My ability to share my technical and methodological expertise bridging scientific research and computational infrastructure is recognized by researchers to enable capabilities within their research groups that would not otherwise exist.